About Us

Mac-Eagle Study Abroad Agency makes studying abroad really easy. We go beyond just helping you get admission; we practically hold your hands throughout all of the stages involved.


We are just a phone call, a text or an email away. We also service candidates outside our current city of residence.


We always have correct and current information for our students.


We know all the huddle,so we can guide you by giving you accurate and quality information, so that their is only room for little or no mistakes.


We follow up on each student closely to ensure they receive the required help.We provide information on accommodation options, feeding and welfare, communication, job opportunities and more.


We are dedicated to this cause. We ensure that students gain admission into suitable schools abroad and are able to settle legally and get acclimated with the new country they find themselves. We follow you through every step of the way, we have direct contacts with officials and can therefore follow up closely on the applications for each student.


Affordability does not only refer to our charges, we help match students to schools in locations that suit their budget.

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